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In a marketing age of movements and uprisings comprised of overwhelming content in social media and advertising, being identifiable and culturally relevant is gold.

Enter Band of Outlaws—

We are a new era boutique branding and creative agency who partners with you to develop your brand identity, visibility and market relevance. Whether you need marketing materials or just want to talk ideas out, we provide various services from concept to content that move with the ever-changing landscape.

Banding creatives on your projects, we thoughtfully communicate your company ethos through intentionally curated visual stories that create inspiring brand narratives to capture your target audience. We offer “think outside the box” strategy and implement rebellious anti-establishment methods to market your goods in the badlands.

Are you ready to band with us?

Finding the balance between might and right
Shiho Johnson

Inspire | Capture | Elevate

Chief Executive Outlaw

Signed by Shiho

Renee Mytar

Strategize | Think | Create

Chief Executive Outlaw

Signed by Renee


With a background in marketing, project management, business development, sales, communication design, retail, wholesale, art direction, advertising, merchandising, partnerships, copywriting, e-commerce, web design, and styling, Renee and Shiho collectively have travelled the wastelands of fashion and lifestyle branding for over twenty years.